Caldas da Rainha - PORTUGAL


MARTIN Caldeiras, Lda, a subsidiary of MARTIN GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik in Munich, was founded on 10 September 2015. The company is based in Caldas da Rainha, a Portuguese city located approx. 90 km north of Lisbon.

With its business activities, MARTIN Caldeiras focusses on applying Inconel coating to membrane walls and individual tubes for steam boilers. What is more, the company also manufactures various steel structures (e.g. for dischargers and feed chutes). It thus assists MARTIN GmbH's service activities in a meaningful and effective manner and guarantees a comprehensive support offering throughout the entire service life of grates and boilers.

Following a construction period of roughly one year, full commercial manufacturing commenced in January 2017. On 3,500 m² of manufacturing premises, we have an annual capacity of some 2,000 m² of cladded membrane walls, approx. 12,000 running meters of cladded individual tubes and roughly 100 tons of steel structures. Some 20 staff members do their very best for ensuring that all orders are completed on time and that the manufactured products are of the quality MARTIN is known for. By procuring our supplies from more than 200 predominantly local vendors, we play a role in also indirectly providing and ensuring new jobs in the region.

A particular focus is on the constant further development of the cladding technology in close cooperation with MARTIN AG in Switzerland. A continuous exchange of experiences between the two businesses and regular harmonisation of production processes enable us to offer MARTIN AG's widely appreciated quality outside of Switzerland as well.


We manufacture both in accordance with drawings and as per our customers' particular specifications and requirements, the implementation of which constantly spurs us on. Adjustments and/or modifications relating to boiler process technology are offered in cooperation with MARTIN GmbH in Munich.

• Manufacture of pressure parts and non-pressure parts for boilers
• Cladding of tubes of up to 13.5 m in length and of tube walls of up to 10 m in length (CMT procedure)
• Evaporators (with and without cladding)
• Superheaters (with and without cladding)
• Economizers (without cladding and with partial cladding in areas with bends and where sootblowers operate)
• Tube bends for access doors, secondary air nozzles, temperature measurement devices, cameras, etc. (with and without cladding)
• Bending of cladded tubes and membrane walls


MARTIN Caldeiras, Lda
Rua Inácio Perdigão, Lote 9 - n° 20
2500-755 Caldas da Rainha

Peter Alpiger, managing director
Tel.: + 351 262 098 755
Fax: + 351 262 097 450

Phone: +351 262 098 755
Fax: +351 262 097 450